Honda At Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Honda is reveling its superior products at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 recently. Their Honda’s Civic Type R and Civic Si was the center pieces at the show venue where thousands of people flocked to view them. The Honda company is doing research and investment on their electrification technologies to suit vehicles for the near future.

On the production of motorcycles, Honda is well doing with the CO emissions reduction by advanced improvement of the fuel economy on its petrol models by introducing 4-stroke engines along with fuel injection technologies. Honda is making progress well ahead in the electrified motorcycle production. The new PCX Hybrid and PCX Electric models which are under development based on the Honda PCX scooter model. The Honda PCX scooter model is very popular all over the world.

Further more Honda introduced its Honda Riding Assist e during the motor show. The Riding Assist e is an experimental motorcycle model developed by Honda through its robotics Engineering. This motorcycle self-balances and mitigates the risk of a fall during low-speed riding and stopping. This Riding Assist e model represents Honda’s proposal for how they can offer motorcycle riders greater peace of mind.

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