Concept Cars

Concept cars takes important place in the International Auto Shows. These special edition cars are also called as show cars as they normally become as the main attractions in the motor shows of a particular auto maker. These cars are on show to find the opinion of the visitors and critics. The car makers want to find out what viewers think about the car’s appearance, body, design and the related things. Normally the concept car never comes out of production line as it was seen at the auto show. Some never make to the show room even.

Because of competition many auto makers are forced to announce their show cars every year to get their names in the front seat of the motor world. In the past many concept cars designs like front designs, body curves, lights and other parts which are admired by the visitors were made in to other models. Anyway under the flood lights these cars are looking fantastic. You must view these cars at the auto shows.

So whenever you visit an Auto show you may see lot of concept cars but don’t expect them to come real in the coming years as the car buyers minds may change in a short time and the auto maker may not be interested to go on production of that model due to some unknown reasons too. So these cars are normally a show piece and very rare to come in to mass production assembly line.