Car paints.

People like cars and specially with sparkling out standing colors for to meet their taste. Most of the people are happy with the colors provided by the car manufacturer. There are lot pof colors available from the maker for a latest model car where the buyer can choose his selected colored one from the dealer. As most of them pre order their models with the dealer and some time they may be disappointed with the color of the car when it arrives at the delivery point. Nothing can’t be done on this and the buyer must stay with it till he sales it.

To get a superb color on your car you must have to pay a lot of money for the paint and for the car detailer to paint the vehicle for you. On the other hand special colors will make the people to turn the heads of the passing people towards your vehicle but it can attract local vandals, thieves and other kind of car criminals.

Today in the Middle East Countries, car owners are looking for to have their cars painted with gold color or with Gold plated ones to show off their wealth to the others as they are the great spenders in the world.

Gold car color is not available from the standard auto paint shop. It should be ordered through the particular agent as this metallic paint is being made out of certain types of acrylic solutions and other materials.Also you will need an special painter to do the job at his work shop or at your place.

Most popular car colors are as follows.
Perl White.
Black Raven
Iridium Silver
Orkney Grey
Ardent red
French racing Blue
Cognac Metallic
Tangerine Scream
Apple Green
Techno Pink