Motor Show.

Motor show which is also called as auto show is the place where buyers, media people, auto mobile enthusiasts and auto vehicles producers meeting place. These shows are primarily made to introducing and launching of the latest models, show casing the imaginary models as concept cars, special spare parts and accessories. Here visitors are allowed to test drive most of the models thus improving the car sales and allowing people to book their cars in the show.

Most of the shows take place in bigger venues where not only cars and vehicles are displayed but people can enjoy the atmosphere with dine and wine, music shows, entertainment shows, competitions, kiddies shows, witnessing the special guest appearance shows and many more. The motor shows can be divided in to two kinds as International motor shows and Local motor shows. Where international shows are very popular with the mass and they can be held annually or bi-annual event. Anyway if you are planning to visit an international motor show you must keep in mind that you may have to have the following things.

Enough fund to cover your trip.
A passport, with more than 8 months of validity.
You may be required to obtain the visa for that particular country and any transit visas prior to your departure.
One round trip air ticket.
Hotel room booking.
Purchase the Motor Show entrance ticket. (Mostly available in the internet)
May book a car rental service to get it on arrival.
Visiting a motor show in another country will be much cheaper if you go through your motor club or join a package tour operator as they will look after all the things regarding the round trip, accomodation and visiting the show.
Also you must take note there are special offers and restrictions for many shows.
Children are allowed free of charge.
Group ticket is cheaper.
While at some shows you are not allowed to take your pets.
Not allowed to take pack packs.
So before you start your trip go to their official web site and read all the pages and get clear information about the show.
This will give you an enjoyable trip where you can view your favorite brand’s latest models and even can have a test drive of your favorite model in a happy mood.

Some of the famous international motor shows.

North American International Auto Show
Frankfurt Motor Show
Geneva Motor Show
Melbourne International Motor Show
British International Motor Show
Australian International Motor Show
Philippine International Motor Show
Guangzhou International Motor Show
Moscow International Motor Show
Athens International Motor Show
Dubai Motor
Indonesia International Motor Show
Madrid Motor Show International Auto Show
Bologna Motor Show
Turin Auto Show
Seoul Motor Show
Paris Motor Show

International motor shows

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